Easy to eat Healthy

I know how hard it is to resist that chocolate bar in the fridge when you are feeling low. It makes you feel better right? Wrong. You need to change your mentality! Once you change it for the better, some intramax, it's and easy down-hill ride, look Intramax. You will gain more and more momentum, and have more and more willpower not to give in to cravings!

So how do you make it easy to eat healthy? Well, it's not hard if you first concentrate on NOT EATING UNHEALTHILY!

No to fast food!Avoiding fast food!

This is point number one because it is the most important. If you don't eat fast food, then you are well ahead and can skip this and read the next point. But if you do, here is where it HAS to change! I have not eaten any fast food for a year now, and in fact, I am repulsed by them! This is where you need to be at. If this sounds impossible to you, well let me just say that I thought that too! But you will find that the longer you go without eating it, the easier it becomes. You have to HATE fast food!

This is how you do it. When you are hungry and need something to eat, make yourself a sandwich! Always keep bread and basic ingredients for a sandwich in your refrigerator. Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. This way, you will always have healthy snack on hand. If you are not at home, you can do 2 things. Either wait till you get home, OR find something healthier to eat than fast food. There should be plenty of alternatives around if you actually look for them instead of heading straight for the nearest fast food chain.

I admit, I didn't always stick to these rules. I found it VERY difficult at first but slowly, I got used to it. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Shopping is exercise?Eating at home.

This is where you should be doing most of your eating. Finding healthy recipes to cook is not difficult if you search for it on the internet. I got a lot of recipes this way. It is always better to eat lots of smaller meals throughout the day than fewer large ones! This will help you feel less hungry all the time and will help improve your metabolism.

Always serve your meals in smaller bowls and plates. I don't know why, but it works! Your meal will 'look' bigger and I think psychologically, you feel more full afterwards. Don't have servings on huge plates with lots of empty space as that will only make you feel like you've eaten nothing! It really works!

You don't have to eat healthy ALL the time, sometimes I spoil myself, but most of the time, I eat well. This is how I managed to lose so much weight! (well, and also thanks to proactol, but will power is equally important)

DancingStop the cravings!

This is very important. Countless times I found myself great path to losing weight, but gave in to my cravings only to put it back on again! Once you give in, you tend to gain weight FAST! This is where it has to end because that's how you stop the cycle and make sure you only go one way - to success. I admit I couldn't have done it without the use of diet pills even though I tried hard. If you are finding it hard to stop going for that chocolate bar, please read Motivation, motivation! (if you haven't already). Sure you can indulge once in a (long) while, but for the most part, you need to discipline yourself. You will find it easier once you start losing weight, it will be a huge incentive!

I can guarantee that you will see your weight slowly drop and you won't look back if you can do these three things! I have listed them simply so you can remember them easily. If I can make it this far, you can too!

Posted on August 16, 2017 by Nicola Madoc