Exercise can be a hobby

You hear it so often - to lose weight you need to exercise! This is often easier said than done, I would know... Over the past year however, I have found way to make exercising fun! It doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a hobby.

Below are 3 things I did on a regular basis use Super Beta Prostate, which I made time for during my busy work schedule, read Super Beta Prostate, but it was worth it. Not only was I feeling really good about myself, I was having fun! You don't have to do exactly what I did, just find something you like doing and see if you can turn it into exercise while having fun!

Cycling as a hobby!

Take it up as a hobby. If you don't have one, buy one, you can get them at second hand stores for cheap. It is a fun way to exercise - ride to a local park or somewhere you would normally go by car. If it is hilly, that's even better! I find that putting it on the gear that makes you have to use more strength to pedal works best! The satisfaction you get after a workout simply by riding a bicycle is amazing! I cycle at least once a week now and look forward to it all the time. I have a group of 3 friends who do it with me. If you don't know how to ride a bike, well there isn't a better time to start learning!

Shopping is exercise?

Wait, isn't this already your hobby? How is it exercise? Well, it isn't but GETTING THERE can be! Why do people pay for gym membership and spend their time there, but drive to the shops every time they want to go shopping? I started walking to the get my groceries and even to the mall! It takes me nearly 1 hour each way, and carrying bags full of groceries is not easy! But I make it a habit now to go twice a week. This has been the best workout I have had in a long time. It is very difficult to start at first, but when you get into the habit, it becomes routine, and when it does, you will be doing a lot more exercise than you even notice, let alone try! So next time you plan to go shopping (or visiting friends or driving to work, or anywhere for that matter), if it is within a walkable distance, then walk it! You will feel really good afterwards!

And if you think walking won't help, think again! Even half an hour day just around your block, you will notice a change within a few weeks (I lost a few kg's after the second week!). Get out there and get some fresh air the next time you go shopping!


Join a dance and club and start dancing! This is a great way to exercise and it's a lot of fun! I go once a week, and am loving it. If you are too shy to join a dance club (even though you shouldn't be, dance clubs cater to all sorts of skill levels), you can have the music in your house on loud and dance while you cook, watch television, or vacuum the house! You will feel stupid at first (I know I did), but it is a lot of fun and you will work up a sweat without even realizing. That's when exercise is at its best, when you don't realize it! And if you have a partner, take them along to the dance club or just make them dance with you, it will be a very enjoyable activity if you give it a go!

Remember, none of these tips alone will help you lose weight forever, but implementing them into your lives is a great start to guarantee a happy and healthier body. YOU WILL SEE a difference even if you only do these things once a week. Do this in conjunction with 'It's easy to eat healthy' and you will be on your way to losing weight easily in no time!

Posted on July 24, 2017 by Nicola Madoc