Top 10 tips to follow every day!

This has to be the most definite list of things to do if you want some help losing weight. You should commit these to memory as they are very easy to do and to incorporate into your daily lives!

1) Be optimistic
Why? Because being a pessimist will lead to stress. If you have an optimistic view on life, you will find it that much easier to do things. You will be more happier and less stressed, meaning you will not feel like you need to resort to food to make yourself feel better.

2) Use the stairs!
This has got to be these easiest thing to do ever! Why people don't do it more often, I don't know. You will not lose that much time by taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator (in fact, you might get tot he top faster). If you think something so minor as using the stairs won't do anything to help you lose weight YOU ARE WRONG! You need to see the big picture. Everything adds up. Practice this tip because it can only help!

3) Don't stock Junk food
Super good tip, try not to have junk food lying around your house. Instead, stock up on vegetable and fruit snacks. Have carrots to nibble on when you get hungry. If you don't have immediate access to junk, you won't be able to eat them impulsively (plus you save a lot of money too!)

4) Feeling hungry? Brush your teeth
This works great for some people! When you feel hungry, try brushing your teeth instead. You'll find it takes away your appetite. Brush it 10 times a day if necessary. You will have whiter teeth AND lose weight at the same time!

5) Walk!
There are so many places you could probably walk to instead of drive. It is beyond my comprehension why some people pay to go to a gym, when they probably drive there! Just walk there and back and not only will you get some fresh air, help the environment, and get a good workout, but it's also FREE!

6) Drink lots of water!
Water is good for you. Carry a bottle with you wherever you go. Don't dehydrate yourself as your metabolism will slow down. Drink up often, especially if you are working up a sweat. Your body will thank you!

7) No TV
Okay, this tip might be a little hard for some, but TV isn't all that great. Don't waste so much time in front of it. Think about how many other things you could be doing with your time. Get up and go somewhere, do something else, anything!

8) Eat small meals
A lot of smaller meals through the day will do wonders to stop you snacking in between meals. Eating large quantities at a time will get stored as fat and will leave you snacking a lot. Do the best you can to spread your meals over the whole day.

9) Set goals
Read Motivation? Motivation! and see how having simple goals can go a long way to losing weight. This tip takes a little bit more effort than the others, but the results speak for themselves.

10) Don't give up!
Okay, this is not a tip, but a command! never think it's too hard, you lose as much or as little weight as you choose to, it's only a matter of trying.

Posted on January 12, 2017 by Nicola Madoc